sharks are curious and socially intelligent animals .They have been the apex predators in the oceans for about 450 million years .There are almost 500 species of sharks alive today.

sharks have 7 senses in their body the extra 2 senses are that they can sense temperature fluctuations in the water and they can sense electric currents.

Most of the people think of sharks as blood-thirsty beasts as they are shown in that way  in movies like jaws, deep blue etc .But the truth is completely different. Almost all the times people have come face -to-face with a great white the meeting has been peaceful. Now sharks have become a defenceless species against the activities of man-kind they have become rare nowadays.

people sometimes don’t realize how big they really are. The largest shark of all that ever lived was the megalodon. It lived about 3.7 million years ago and was almost 80 ft long and weighed  about 110 metric tons.

People normally think sharks have  a smooth skin but they are wrong sharks skin is like sandpaper hence shark diving experts suggest not to touch a shark while shark diving .another misconception about sharks is that people think they have very bad eye-sight but sharks can see up to 30 meters in the water .

One think people should  know is that sharks don’t and can’t eat us .Most of the shark attacks that have ever happened are because they were scared of us not because they thought we were food. But what do we do when we are getting attacked by a shark it is easy actually. don’t try to swim away(that will never work)and try not to look like a fish Also try to be as still as possible and poke it with  a harpoon .the weakest parts of a shark are its gills and eyes so try to poke their with a  harpoon  if they try to attack you. But that normally wont happen.

Sharks sleep with their eyes open so they can know if any danger is near them. There is a myth that sharks attack go-pros thinking that its food as go-pros also emit electronic waves like all fish and  humans but its not true .the way a go-pro emits electric ways will be completely different than the way the fish electric waves looks like and they just bite it cause their curious about what it is. sharks are very curios and informative creatures we have a lot to learn from them.

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