Plants That Bring Positive Energy and Money To Your Home

Plants That Bring Positive Energy and Money To Your Home

Our house is the place we spend most time in, house is the place where we think about the future, where we think about past, a place where we dream, it is the place where we spend most of our time. Things in our house influence our mind and our fortune more than we realise. The things we keep in our house, the pets we have in our house, the décor, everything influences our thoughts and mind. Plants play a important role in bringing energy to house, it helps our mind calm, focus and be positive in our thoughts.

Positive thought and Affirmations are extremely important in reaching your goals and ambitions. A positive mindset is the key to success. Controlling negative thought and feelings such as frustration, anger, or impatience is very very important in materializing our dreams. Positive thoughts work because they have the ability to program your mind into accessing and believing you can do. Always think about your goal, when you are idle, in your dreams, even subconsciously when you are doing other work. No matter what your dream is a positive mindset is the key to success and things around you play a important role in keeping your mind positive and focused on your dream.

Best plants that bring Money, Luck and Positive Energy to your home are:

  1. Chinese Fan Palm, Areca Palm, or Majestic Palm, they provide good energy and positivity to home.
  2. Pachira Money Tree or Money Tree or Malabar chestnut. Having a money tree plant in your home brings good luck and positive energy to the owner.
  3. Money Plant. Money Plant financial obstacles and brings prosperity & good luck
  4. Jade plant, Jade plant attracts money as well as purifies indoor air.
  5. Bamboo Plant- Bamboo Plant represent good luck and wealth. Bamboo plants keep you calm, brings positive thoughts and energy and intern influences wealth, fortune and good luck.

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