Kinvah vineyard is an amazing place. I have gone there . It is wonderful and has many amenities. It is locate in Yehlanka which is located in Bangalore, Karnataka.

They have a tour in which they show you the process of making wine and storing it. First, they give us some sample wine and starters with french fries. Then they teach us the process of growing and cultivating the grape plant. After that, they take us and show us the machine that takes out the then and crushes the grapes. The crusher crushes the whole grape for red wine, but for white wine, it only crushes the pulp and seeds but not the skin. There are 2 types of grapes. the green grapes and the wine grapes.

Then they show us how wine is fermented but after it is fermented they must cool it down to -4 degrees Celsius so the fermentation process stops. .then it is checked for impurity and then it is stored.

After the wine is fermented. They showed us how and why they are stored in oak barrels. the longer the wine is stored in the oak barrels the more expensive it gets. it is stored in oak barrels as it stays forever and the wine closes the gap between the oak which allows the wine to stay for a longer time.

After showing how wine is made they allowed us to taste different types of wine with cheese and crackers. They showed us how it is bottled using machines and how it’s packed. It is a fact that after the wine is filled in the bottles the cap must be screwed within 30 seconds or else the wine will get oxidized. And for the barrel wine, the cap must be screwed immediately. After that, they gave us a complimentary lunch that consist of noodles, chapati and curry, rice, and some delicious dessert, and then they were allowed to do grape stomping .which was very fun. My experience at Kinvah vineyards was very fun

After the grape stomping. we played many games. They have kept some tennis rackets and cocks even some volleyball and even football. Their storage containers are huge and they even have their packing unit. Kinvah vineyard is an awesome place hope you visit it.

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