1)there are more than 10,000 species of birds in the world

2)There is in fact a venomous bird it is called as the hooded pitohui. Its venom is inside its feathers and skin. If its feathers or skin is touched by us .we feel numbness and irritation

3)If a vulture sees a threat .it pukes on the threat

4)Green herons can fish. They drop an insect into the water and wait for a fish to eat it. Once the fish eats the insect it catches the fish

5)A small bird called the blue jay imitates the sound of a hawk to scare away its predators

6) The Bee humming bird is the only bird that can hover in mid air, fly sideways and fly backwards.

7)the oldest wild bird in the world .Called Wisdom is a Laysan albatross and is 105 years old

8)Chicken is the worlds most common bird

9) turkey is a bird that can have a heart attack and can die from it

10)Birds don’t have teeth they only have beaks

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